Differences as a Key to Equalit

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Prabhu Prakash Kaur



See Our Differences as a Key to Equality

Yoga means Union

“We are all one” is a spiritual truth we are all learn as yogis, but to see the end of inequality as a judgement we need to embrace what makes us different.

In the Bhagavad Gita, we are often reminded that a true yogi sees everything and everyone as equal. That on the path of yoga we seek to let go of all the labels we have created that separate us from others, and move towards “equal vision.”

As yogis, we hope for a world where we experience oneness. A future for all with the same opportunities regardless of gender, sexual preference, race, religion, ability, culture, income, or age. As long inequalities exist it seems impossible that we could ever have peace and unity. How do we get to the point— that sages recommend ?

Acceptance of our Differences

There is a part of life we know through experience, and the unknown, the not yet experienced part. And this one cause fear in the ego state, the ego only likes known experience even it is uncomfortable. On the ego level we rather stay with our fear, obstacles and boundaries then to step into an unknown area.

As yogis we say often “we are all one.” We want to be the good ones and fake that we see all equal. But the wise men and women say this is not helpful if we truly want to experience the world as being equal. Denying our differences is actually detrimental—not only to our progress along our yogic path, but also to our worldly ambitions of equality.

We are each unique and amazing, and the collective human experience is richer for the difference we bring. Actually the difference makes us so equal, as we have the chance to experience iniquity in way that we are all part of a puzzle, all together we are one again.

It is our habit to to judge and give different value to people and things. Difference does not mean lower or higher value, it is just another facet in the same world. So in the present climate we have to choose our words carefully, but the main message from the yogic texts is that in order to move towards equality, we have to change society’s perception of the word “difference.” Because different is good. Different is beautiful. Different is why we are even here, we experience the unknown in order to be all.

Difference Is Divine

Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, explains this in his commentary on the Gita. He says the whole point of the human reality, in which we don’t experience oneness, is a divine gift. Our humanity allows us to “appreciate the nature of the many.”

The human experience is only possible to see Difference is divine. Difference is actually our connection to the humanity. I only recognize the you when I see the difference to myself, and also accept that the mirror shows also my unknown parts so I can be one. All is one, one is in all.

Denying our differences is actually detrimental—not only to our progress along our yogic path, but also to our worldly ambitions of equality.

Imagine if the world operated from a place of understanding that it is our differences that unite us. On our own spiritual path we could look loving at the differences we see, rather than denying our human experience.

Letting Go of Judgement

in praxis this mindset of judgement and valuation of gender, races, nationality should be wiped out. See yourself and see the others as equal, with the equal right to experience this world as a unique chance of human being. Even if you are the one which feels pushed back, undervalued acknowledge the wholeness of the experience. Stay in your neutral mind and do not allow yourself to be driven by anger and revenge. This will take away the power of judgement and eliminate the feeling of separation. If somebody value your status in society, just realize the fear and the ego-liability in the behaviour, it's your mirror. Your chance of recognizing creation in its entirety

The path of yoga can help us to be able to develop the inner strength and wisdom to act out of our real nature rather from the conditioned ego sets.

If we want to progress on a path of yoga we also have to aim to see those who oppose equality as no less than us. It is a challenge!

Being the Change

It is so important in our present time when political views are polarized to the extreme. Develop a kindly understanding for the different opinions, be the light for the ones which are still living under the veil of ego mind sets. Give loving kindness to the ones which feel less worthy and believe that life is a burden and chances are for the others. See is as the great chance to experience the underlying divine oneness, our journey to equality requires listening with a calm mind and a loving heart. Act from your inner real self, from the boundless wisdom to discover the unknown and be open. Your present world set might be shaked up and the inexperienced will be yours.


Let us not cause pain to each other by our shallowness, by our duality, by our belittle-ness. Let us become as vast as God is and hug each other, love each other. It is in that heart of us that we all live. It is the beat of the heart which is common among us. It is the breath of life which is common among us. It is the Creator in us which is common among us. So we are all one, like one sun. We are all the rays.  Yogi Bhajan

The era of the separatism has to go. It cannot divide man on this Earth anymore. We are leading ourselves to the oneness of man, and we will prove that the grace and the consciousness which prevails through us, is nothing but oneness of the self. Yogi Bhajan