KY Teachers Training 2020

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Become a professional certified

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Expand your toolkit as a Coach/ Therapist/ Healer. Deepen your experience and understanding of Kundalini Yoga. Bring Kundalini Yoga to your daily life and to your environment. Spend quality time with a devoted group of people

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training in Gambia 2020

In March 2020 our second Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training will start, here in Gambia.

Discover the essence of being a teacher

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. If you hear the calling of your awakening awareness to go on a journey from which you will return with the ability to share your medicine with the world; this course offers you such a journey. We live in times when this technology and these teachings are very effective tools for healing and elevation. Allow yourself to apply it as a practitioner, and to master it as a teacher.

This course will qualify you to become a professional, international Kundalini Yoga teacher. It will give you the theory and the experience needed to be able to share this spiritual technology wherever you are. It will support you in becoming the teacher you are meant to be.

We need your support, we train a good number of Kundalini Yoga Teacheres here in Gambia with a low or no income. To cover all the costs we need your support.


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This is a 220 hour Kundalini Research Institute certified program. It runs in 3 one week modules, beginning in March 2020. The program includes: asana, kriya, meditation, pranayam, bhandas, mantra, meditation and philosophy. For more information and experience we organise a Kundalini Yoga Workshop on the 10th of November 2019 and a weekend workshop in January 2020. For students from outside Gambia, we will organize accommodation and a frame programme to know more about country and people on request.

It is a wonderful experience to encounter the level of equality without the limitations of different cultures, traditions, social status, skin color and gender.

See Our Differences as a Key to Equality.

“We are all one” is a spiritual truth we are told as yogis, but to see the end of inequality in society we need to embrace what makes us different. This is our chance to learn from each other, to discover possibilities in life, te be aware about opportunities. The richness of each facette in our human life is the chance for the unity with yourself. See the unknown to know you:

We are each unique and amazing, and the collective human experience is richer for the difference we bring.

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