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Prabhu Prakash Kaur


Sat Nam, we start our second Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level I Training in March2020. We have quite a number of applicants, most of them have a low income or they are unemployed. The Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training can help the Gambian Youth to grow, achieve a goal, get a certificate which can also help to improve the income. And the training will help the students to be more focused in other aspects of their lives. It will help to develop talents and skill as well improve the self esteem. Please help us to achive this goal. Even 5 € can make a difference.

We have got already € 2000 donation from Yogi Tea Germany.Great Thank you!  All the trainers teach on seva, we just need the money for the tickets, accommodation, books and others. Thank you - for more info check our facebook site 3HO Gambia