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Prabhu Prakash Kaur

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Prabhu Prakasch Kaur – Eva Wagner


Born 22nd July 1957 in Munich, Germany


Certified Health Practitioner

Spiritual Teacher and Coach

Kundalini Yoga Teacher and

Trainer in Training




My Story


My Name is Prabhu Prakash Kaur Khalsa, I am a healer, Kundalini Yoga teacher and life couch. I work in this field since over 30 years. In 1990 I moved to Gambia/West Africa together with my son Benjamin. For many years I run some Wellness Centers in Hotels named Vitala. Evan I was very successful and I had a very good social life, something was missing. And since I can remember I reached for something MORE in life. I tried many different spiritual options, from Huna Meditation, Zen, Nei Gong, Magic and some more. Even I was also successful as a spiritual teacher, I have successfully given many workshops in various African and European countries. Something was missing and I was longing for my spiritual family.


Until I discovered Kundalini Yoga and found myself in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. All what I practiced the last years in my work as a healer and as a manager, also what I discovered through my daily personal spiritual practice and in my relationships. All this I could discover in 3HO again and a lot more. Many of my questions were answered and many suggestions made ​​my life full of joy.


In March, 2013, my life changed. From one second to the other, everything was different. A young man, full with alcohol and drugs, was driving, lost control over the car and drove into a group of people on the side walk. I was one of them, and the only survivor, the other 3 victims died. All this happened in Lome/Togo. I was rushed into hospital. After several operation and treatments my condition got worse. My yogis from 3HO Togo and friends were fighting to get me evacuated. So was brought to Munich into hospital and diagnosed with a MRSA infection and it was life threatening again. And the yogis of 3HO Munich have supported me in the hospital and after my release. After all this, I could even not sit any more.


I started on a new life from the base, learn to sit and walk. Step by step I came back to life over a period of 1 year and lot of Yoga. And it took me the same time to accept the fact, that it happened to me. Now I start to understand the blessing.


Sat Nam