Healing implies an imbalance in its natural state due to its harmonious function. Holistic healing means taking a holistic approach in finding treatment for imbalances and choosing to live a balanced lifestyle

We offer Holistic Treatments and Natural Remedies

The way to vitality

Our claim is that they feel good in their bodies, get energy again and come into harmony in their entirety

The difference between discomfort and illness is undefined, and we often suppress symptoms until the illness has manifested.

Book your Wellness MagicTouch treatment today and make the first step towards a healthier self. The new path to wellness, best health and radiant looks is detoxifying, switching off, slowing down, attentive action and a lot of yoga. What sounds brilliant in theory, because who does not want a strong, slim yoga-strengthened body, radiant skin and a clear mind? But in practice ... well, all this mindfulness, yoga exercises and detoxions take a lot of hours, time most people can not afford. Even with so many new wellness trends and detox programs that appear almost daily, it's impossible to know which trend to try and which detox way to follow. That's where the new MagicTouch Energetic Wellness Design comes in. We have combined detoxification and wellness activities. From a health check to a facial with a lifting effect, special coconut massages, Kundalini Yoga, meridian treatments and more. Everything under one roof and tailored to your individual needs and at a fixed price.

Recognizing the causes of symptoms

Our way of life is an important factor for our health in addition to genetic dispositions.

Diet - How and what we eat

Regeneration - The quality of sleep

Living conditions - The stress factor in family and work

Environmental pollution from pollution and chemicals




Endurance - condition

Stretching and strengthening


balanced natural food,

their type

living conditions-

and phases adapted

sufficient liquidt

mental attitude


Balance of tension and relaxation

The 3 components for salvation




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