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Your connection to the Information Field – Timwaver med

  • Analyse and balance deeper connections in the Information Field
  • Harmony of body and mind
  • Rooted in psychosomatic and integrative medicine
  • Information Field technology for human benefit
  • Background of diseases
  • Integrative medicine and psychosomatics

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TimeWaver develops medical and other use systems that should help you to analyse and balance deeper causes and interactions of diseases in the Information Field. The TimeWaver systems - produced and developed in Germany - are now used by more than 1,500 therapists worldwide.

TimeWaver Information Field technology regards consciousness and information as elementary components of diagnosis and therapy, because as we see it, one can grasp and balance psychological and somatic connections only at a deep level.

The TimeWaver Med system is designed to help you find the background of diseases in the Information Field and restore your equilibrium on all essential life levels with new information patterns. This refers to the psychological and the somatic levels. Learn how the TimeWaver systems can support your work - for the benefit of your patients.

MagicTouch Energetic Wellness Design use the timewaver med to analyse the clients personal needs and create a wellness package for the greatest possible and sustainable benefit from the treatment