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Have you ever heard of the ancient and widely-used technique known as Gua Sha?  It is commonly used in TCM for a wide variety of healing practices.  With this technique, the therapists oils the skin and then lightly or moderately scrapes across the surface of it.  This action produces marks (“sha”) and promotes breakage of surface adhesions, better circulation, and improved tone.  The Gua Sha treatment can potentially affect the fibrous tethers that bind your fat along the lines of what happens when you try to improve your cellulite via foam rolling or deep tissue massage. Gua Sha is more effective and it has the benefit of being able to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks too. It brings stagnant energy into flow, toxins on the surface and then into the blood stream, so our immunity system could transport it out of your system. Your cells will be nourished well and the self healing power is activated

Treatment plans

 Depending on your present situation and your goals, a plan may be sufficient. You might want to look into ways to adjust your lifestyle and health nutrition. We will advise and help you with a tailor-made plan. Either before or after your treatment, we can also talk about whether or not a package that includes some health coaching could be useful to you. #

For bodywork, though?  All traditional Chinese medicine appointments start with a detailed intake session.  We want to determine whether or not these are appropriate treatments for you and we want to know how to best serve you, an individual with unique needs and history.  We also want to make sure that the expectations are realistic and in line with what you can accomplish during a session.  Once the root of the issue is identified, a plan takes shape.  Generally, you can expect to:

  • Start with deep tissue massage to loosen muscles and so that I can get a feel for where you accumulate blockages.  This is also your time to really start to relax.

  • Enjoy the experience of Gua Sha therapy; this, for its part, will stimulate the flow of lymph and blood.

  • A lymph drainage and acupressure comes next, to refine and treat any details not addressed by Gua Sha.

  • Body Wrap is next and, it helps to relax and flush out the toxins from the system

  • Conclude with a final round of energy treatment like Sat Nam Rayasan (either relaxing or invigorating) appropriate to you and your needs.

Though each treatment plan will vary according to the individual, this is what an appointment will look like.  Sounds great, doesn’t it? But the results are amazing and you discover your potential with new look, more energy and better health.

Cellulite and Belly Fat and Wobbly thighs – there is a supportive treatment

Cellulite is a structural issue.  You can be slim and toned but still have dimples or you are bigger and have none.  It depends on the fibrous tethers that are interspersed through the fat in combination with other factors such as fluid accumulation and relative collagen strength.  Fat can bulge through the net that these tethers create, thus leaving you with dimpled skin on butt, thighs, and upper arms. And your hormone level could play a role as well

 Belly fat can be due to internal (visceral) accumulation, hormones, stress, genetic tendencies. Some gain easy in the belly area other on buttocks and sight.  One thing that can really make a difference in both cellulite and belly fat is to improve improved circulation, get rid of toxins and balance your hormones.

Gua Sha is a solution to improve the body tone, general health and reduce chronic pain? Supported by a healthy balanced diet, it can create wonders!