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MagicTouch Fire and Ice Treatment

Fire and Ice experiences that stimulate the senses! The #Fire and Ice experience is based on the ancient ritual of bathing where the body is treated using a series of hot and cooling experiences, guiding your body through a sensory journey with the ultimate aim of inducing deep relaxation.

Fire and Ice - a detox of the mind as well as the body

The idea of the Fire and Ice ­Massage is to help you reduce stress, relax and detoxify.

Hot applicants are placed behind your neck, on your breastplate, lower back and stomach to help the body’s energy flow. To support the effect we will activate the lymphatic system with long strokes on arm and legs.

The principle is that the cold makes blood vessels ­constrict, ­stimulating the ­nervous ­system and drawing out blood and toxins, while the warmth expands the blood vessels and flushes the toxins away. The increased flow of blood and lymph will speed up the detox

It also raises your pulse and gives you a cardiovascular workout, which has the same effect as a work out.

After we will work on the tiny muscles between the rip cage to relieve tightness in this area and it will help to improve the capacity of your lung and bring more oxygen to the cells.

The fire and ice treatment is great for all patients with breathing problems like asthma, paradox breathing. It also stimulates the immunity system and can support the healing of many acute and chronic diseases.