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Holistic Physio Therapy - Kundalini Yoga Therapy

To live my values, passion, and purpose for paving the way to a healthier tomorrow. Holistic Physiotherapy – We do not concentrate only on one body part. We learned how to measure range of motion and strength, how to mobilize soft tissue and joints, and how to come up with a functional diagnosis for you.

We utilizes medical therapeutic Kundalini Yoga as physiotherapy practice to expand and treat The patients with a holistic or "whole-person" approach to their injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, and healthy living. Kundalini Yoga Therapy is about treating the person individual and on all levels.

Balancing of the Body and Mind

The psoas, also known as the “muscle of the soul,” is the deepest muscle in your muscular system. It plays the biggest role of any muscle in balancing your body. It also helps with joint mobility, your range of motion, and proper functioning of the organs in your abdominal area.

  • Symptoms of Psoa Problems
  • Hip Pain
  • Thightness in the Hip area
  • Deep "Bellyache"
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Shallow Breathing
  • Deep Pelvic Pain
  • Chronic Constepation
  • Ilpsoas Bursitis
  • Twisted Pelvis
  • Low Coordination
  • Abdomen Pain
  • Groin Pain
  • Limping
  • Mind blockages
  • Feeling of Unsavety
  • and more

Soft stretches, deep tissue massage and movement can release tightness or strengthen weakness of the psoas, energy treatment will support to get back into balance. Very often the Holistic Physiotherapy will be combined with ancient Chinese Gua Sha technic