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Some benefits of leg massage: 

  • Improve blood circulation: first, determine why the circulation needs increased. If you suffer from a circulatory or heart condition, discuss massage therapy with a physician so you know whether your circulatory system can withstand the pressure of massage and greater blood flow.
  • Lymphatic system: the lymphatic system carries excess fluid (and cells of the immune system) back into circulation (back to the heart). Theoretically, lymphatic massage could help improve certain circulatory aspects of the cells of the immune system. Because this also affecting the circulatory system, make sure to check with a doctor should you have an underlying health condition (e.g. cancer, blood, heart problems, etc.)
  • Postural alignment: massage can relax and loosen leg muscles that are sore by bad posture, allowing your body to position itself in its natural form can help reduce pain and improve range of motion.
  • Makes the legs slimmer and more shapely

How leg massage can be beneficial?

Your legs keep you standing all day long. To do so, a variety of muscle have to work in concert to keep you up. Because there isn’t a second heart in your feet, the pumping action of blood returning back to the heart is left to muscle contraction. So the more you walk, the more your calves, for example, will pump blood upwards.

If you’re sitting down for too long, this pumping action is impaired. Over time, this takes a toll on the health of your veins and circulation. Similarly, if you’re standing up all the time, because blood has to be pumped against gravity and against pressure, some blood vessels can be damaged.

Smoking, long sitting hours, diabetis and pur diet are decreaing the circulation of blood and lymph.

This reduces the blood flow and the lymph flow. Toxins are increasingly deposited and are the cause of micro-inflammation, causing pain and discomfort. Another consequence is muscle spasms, cold feet or burning in the soles of the feet as well as nerve damage