Golden Hands Garden

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Why this business?

Rural Farmer Poverty

Tourism industry importing produce

Improving nutritional conditions in Gambia

To join forces with leading organic fruit and vegetable producer, we want to start with  the Gambia Golden Hands Foundation for a pro-poor fresh produce marketing company designed to link local farmers with the tourism market. And a food processing factory to deal with surpluses from the harvest.

Golden Hands also uses tourism, the lifeblood of the Gambian economy, to enable rural producers to access market opportunities through the production and supply of quality, locally produced fruits and vegetables. This has brought money directly into the areas most in need, with the positive impact extending from the urban coast into the poor rural communities up country.

Guiding Principles

Gambian First  -We will always buy locally first when it fulfils  our customers’ quality demands, providing greater market opportunities for local producers and reducing the demand for imports. Fostering Entrepreneurship

We will nurture local entrepreneurs, both in the field and in our office. We will work with the most motivated producers and endeavour to develop entrepreneurship and management skills among our staff.

Customer Focus

We will always strive to meet the market’s needs, delivering the highest quality produce and services to our customers in the friendliest and most efficient manner possible.

International Impact

We aim to be a thriving social enterprise, demonstrating the value created by international partnerships between business and development, and setting a precedent to other social enterprises. We will expand our impact outside The Gambia’s borders through our products, people, and principles.

Collective Responsibility

We will all work diligently towards our vision and goals always employing honesty and trust in our daily activities. We understand that we will only succeed if we work as a team, rising together or falling together.

Challenges & Constraints

Business vs. development project

Financial Sustainability

Organisational Sustainability & Local Management

Production Constraints Limited Tourism Market

Being a formal business in an informal market

Scale & Impact

Increasing farmer capacity to compete in the market place

Raising awareness among farmers and staff about quality standards demanded by the tourism industry

Building local management

Environmental Sustainability

Researching and demonstrating sustainable farming practices that can be transferred to local farmers, including green manure, biogas, and organic pesticides

Reducing imports

Awareness Raising

Raising awareness about the importance of supporting local producers among consumers, government and the press, and about responsible tourism among tourists visiting the Golden Hands Farmyard

Strengthening the Horticulture Value Chain

More Local Competition: Learning from Golden Hands example, a number of small commercial private gardens now grow crops in the pattern of   Golden Hands.

While this means more direct competition for Golden Hands, it also means a healthier and more robust market for locally grown goods, increased employment, and better products for customers Improving customers choice and  quality across the entire market. This will improver general health through better nutrition and save the environment.

Measuring Success


Golden Hands will continue to increase sales to its current customer base, and greater success on the production side is critical for success.

Golden Hands best chance for financial sustainability and improving livelihoods for more farmers  and producers is to find new markets for a larger volume of a few products (as opposed of introducing more products for existing customers), or to increase shelf life of products through processing.


Golden Hands will continue to increase incomes of local farmers and reduce imports, to help communities grow. Our current impact is relatively small  (approximately 40 excellent smallholder farmers could theoretically supply the whole tourism industry at its current levels with locally grown crops), but we would like to expand the impact.


The Golden Hands Farm and garden is researching and demonstrating sustainable farming practices that can be transferred to local farmers, including green manure, biogas, and organic pesticides.

Golden Hands Scale and Effect

To Improve lives for farmers

To invest …...

Enabling farmers to move from subsistence to commercial farming.

Improvement of income for farmers and staff of food processing

To supply the tourist area as well as the local market with high quality products for a affordable price

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