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Golden Hands Foundation

       Kololi - Gambia

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Development with Sustainability

Golden Hands Foundations has sustainable development goals for people and our planet. The idea is to develop a system which provide security for the staff working at the different projects and develop a advanced approach towards lifestyle and businesses.  Security in food supply, shelter and individual development is the base for a successful life. This could be a role model for the society.

The combination of different section, as the spa-health-wellcenter in the hotels, the academy to train young people, the agricultural garden project and the food processing sector, will guarantee a sufficient income and security throughout the year. We also have contract with different companies in the wellness, health and spa business to take the students from Golden Hands Academy as trainees for the practical part of the education plan. And this gives a great chance for employment. The Golden Hands Foundation is involved in an Association for all the young people which are certified by the Academy. We offer further education assistance for employment or self-employment.

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." 

“The process of self-healing is the privilege of every being. Self-healing is not a miracle, nor is self-healing a dramatization of the personality as though you could do something superior. Self-healing is a genuine process of the relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul.” Yogi Bhajan