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Our MagicTouch Energetic Wellness

We offer Wellness and Sustainability - Wellness is not a luxury affair, for those who can afford it. Although the wellness idea has already reached a wider segment of the population and a massage studio, a wellness oasis or a spa is on every corner, it is still regarded as a special expenditure. Feeling good is a basic need and a fundamental right of every human being. A person needs to feel well to recognize and develop his skills. And everyone has a right to develop to its full size and to enjoy a full life As our daily life has become very fast, the pressure on the individual has been heavily increased, the information influence from all sides, pollution and noise nuisance are our constant companions. As our daily life has become very fast, the pressure on the individual has been heavily increased, the information influence from all sides, pollution and noise nuisance are our constant companions, a break is a absolutes must to survive into a dignified way.


We need skilled people and well designed treatments to help us, come back to the peace and prevent health damage, caused by the stressful lifestyle. MagicTouch Treatments about more than just service; it’s a system of healing, relaxation and tranquility on all levels. We exist to help people escape the turmoil of the outside world and let them experience there true nature. Everything we do here with MagicTouch is about making people feel better inside and out – simply, calmly and effectively. We pride ourselves on setting a high standard of integrity and work within wellness therapy and health coaching.

Therefore we offer high standard Wellness packages including a health check up and wellness program designed for your personal requirements, all on a fixed price.


Book your Energetic MagicTouch wellness package today and take the first step towards a healthier you!


The Energetic MagicTouch Wellness Design will be introduced at the Golden Hands Spa in Kairaba Hotel, Kololi, Gambia


The Wellness Packages will include a Health Check up with the Time waver med, according to the result, the needs and the preferences of the client, we create an individual designed wellness ensemble. We believe the path of each individual towards health and wellness is unique and deserves personalized care and attention. We can design a personalized multi-service wellness plan tailored to meet your individual needs on all levels.


The Wellness Packages were created by our medical experts to meet the common needs of adult men and women. The individual approach will guarantee a sustainable result and be a great health prevention. By early identification of disease and risk factors, early intervention, we can often avoid development of symptoms and disease or catch disease when cure is more likely than waiting for symptoms or evidence of advanced disease.  You will escape the danger of a burnout syndrome and slow down the aging process. Each of our wellness packages is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and objective analysis of critical health functions and bad habits which lead to earlier aging.


These signature all-inclusive packages are programs which are tailor made for individual health goals. MagicTouch wellness programs follow a holistic approach towards achieving the best results in a safe, nurturing atmosphere expertly guided by our team of skilled therapists, nutritionists, yogis and beautician. Years of research by our international wellness experts have enabled a unique integrated focus on the core physical and mental aspects which have the most impact. The results are award winning programs which work to create a sustainable journey towards a healthier, enriched lifestyle. Our wellness packages include a series of tests, specifically designed for men and women. For adults over 50 years of age, we also include a rejuvenating program. And we can provide a range of health advises like nutrition counseling, physical exercises , breathing techniques and meditation.


The timewaver med, timewaver frequency and timewaver home play a key role at the MagicTouch wellness design.


Analyze and balance deeper connections in the Information Field

Harmony of body and mind

Rooted in psychosomatic and integrative medicine

Information Field technology for human benefit


TimeWaver develops medical and other use systems that should help you to analyze and balance deeper causes and interactions of diseases in the Information Field. The TimeWaver systems - produced and developed in Germany - are now used by more than 1,500 therapists worldwide.

Time Waver Information Field technology regards consciousness and information as elementary components of diagnosis and therapy, because as we see it, one can grasp and balance psychological and somatic connections only at a deep level.


TimeWaver med in Wellness

With its high-quality medical products, the TimeWaver uses the possibilities of Information Field medicine for the benefits of your clients and the success of your offers. In this way you can explore the deeper connection of health issues in the Information Field, with the aim of having a positive effect on potential disturbances, which can be found directly in the Information Field.

Time Waver's medical program is conceived for this holistic combination of organic diagnosis and therapy that includes the possibilities of Information Field medicine.

Background of diseases

Integrative medicine and psychosomatic

The Time Waver Med system is designed to help you find the background of diseases in the Information Field and restore your equilibrium on all essential life levels with new information patterns. This refers to the psychological and the somatic levels. The Time Waver systems can support the work of the therapists - for the benefit of our clients.


TimeWaver Frequency in Wellness

Information Field controlled frequency therapy

Cell membrane voltage optimization

Right frequencies at the right time

The Time Waver Frequency is the professional Time Waver system for Information Field controlled frequency therapy. By analyzing and applying the precise frequencies, the cell membrane voltage should be brought back to a natural level, for, according to our experience, a reduced cell membrane voltage occurs in almost all chronic and acute diseases. And supports all hands on treatments.


TimeWaver Home

Information Field controlled frequency therapy

Cell membrane voltage optimization

Right frequencies at the right time

The Time Waver Home system is a compact treatment system for personalized frequency therapy. Although it is so versatile and powerful, it can be easily operated by everyone using “just” three buttons. Besides its programs for various indications, it includes special sets for energetic-systemic treatment based on Nuno Nina´s therapy protocol. And the beauty programs will help to reverse the aging process of the skin by reducing wrinkles and support the new cell transformation process. The sport program could help by weight loss and improving muscle grow. As well as support the personal fitness scheme.


Range of Offers

The offers will be combined to fully integrated and cutting-edge, all-inclusive luxury health and wellness program that is designed to serve people with a variety of health goals. This individually customized programs are a comprehensive experience that treats the entire person and creates lasting, positive life changes. We offer combination from 100 Euro to 500 Euro and more.


There will be weight loss, rejuvenation, stress removal,fitness, detox, health-promoting, packages. The advantage for the guest is the fixed price, to budget for the MagicTouch Wellness Program and already plan the holidays around the treatments. The prices will be from 100 Euro to 500 Euro.



Massages and Body Treatments


Relaxation Massages

full body, back, leg, head, neck

– a flowing massage technique is used to relax and calm your

mind and body. This massage can be tailored to suit the level of relaxation or remedial

massage needed

Aromatherapy Massage

– for a truly holistic experience, the soothing power of

massage is combined with 100% pure 1st grade essential oils. The oils are blended with your specific needs in mind to bring about your enhanced well being. A sensory journey for the body, mind and spirit.

Hot Stone Massage

– melt away tension and enjoy deeper relaxation. Evoking the

aura of warmth, the deep penetrating heat from the stones is used to massage the body

using traditional techniques to release muscular tension. This massage quietens the

mind, enabling the body to slip into deep relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage is massage therapy with essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils) added to the massage oil or lotion. It is a ultimate experience of touch and frequency


Digestive disorders


Back pain


Vital Plus Sport Massage Therapy

- is geared toward athletes of every kind, from world-class professionals to weekend joggers. The particulars of the sports massage technique are specific to the athlete's sport of choice. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.

Gambian Bamboo Massage

- hollow bamboo canes are used as a massage tool, either warmed or at room temperature. They can be used with or without hot stones. The cane is held by the therapist and rolled over the muscle with the same strokes they would use with their hands. The muscle is then kneaded, which assists in the release of tension and easing of knots.

Cupping Massage-

release tension at your back, helps to break up stagnation in the tissue. Rather than applying pressure to muscles, the suction uses pressure to pull skin, tissue and muscles upward.


Flower Remedy Massage

- the method of healing using Bach flowers works on the energetic level to balance emotions. The logic behind the treatment of these flowers is that every emotion in our body has a certain frequency. An unbalanced feeling creates an unbalanced frequency. This imbalance creates a snowball effect that eventually (in a slow or fast paste) becomes a mental or physical imbalance. The re balancing effect of the Bach flowers combined with touch is a pleasant way to release stress and tensions.

Coconut Oil Massage

- a remedy for dry skin. The coconut oil nourish your skin and is absorbed very easy. Coconut oil work wonders in treating cellulite and thus leaves your skin smooth and cellulite free, it boosts up the fat burning process in the body naturally and thereby burns the cellulite. The oil also supports detoxification of the body.

Aloe Vera Massage

- natural and fresh Aloe Vera gel in combination with our healing massage, it induces the relaxation, support and nourish the skin and stimulates the immune system. For the undesirable effects of sunburn we would advise you to enjoy aloe Vera massage which is done by application of gelatinous ointment made of aloe oil, healing and restoring burnt skin and itch. Being rich in anti-oxidant properties, aloe Vera oil has also preventive characteristics: it prevents skin damage from radiation. The oil soothes the skin, keeping it moist and prevents drying and flaking of the skin in dry weather.

Detox Honey Massage

- Honey massage incorporates the healing effects of honey and the beneficial ingredients that honey contains. During the massage, Beneficial substances from the honey are absorbed directly into the skin and trapped toxins are loosened.  As an added benefit, the muscles are stretched and loosened. 

Partner Massage

- For the pair that wants to share in the benefit of massage as much as experiencing it themselves, nothing is better than a couple’s massage. To know the person you care deeply for is receiving the same stress-reducing, muscle-relaxing experience as you brings even more relaxation to your session. You can share the experience with your partner or friend.

Ear Candling

- here are many benefits of ear candling. It has helped people with sinus congestion, colds, ear aches and infections, candida, headaches, lymphatic congestion, sore throats, mucus, sinus infections, balance and equilibrium. It is safe, simple and natural. It is a soothing experience that reduces stress and tension and also sharpens mental functions.

Detox and Slimming Massage

- light pressure spa massage treatment is ideal for those detoxing or slimming. Your lymph nodes are stimulated to drain excess fluid and reduce toxins. Water retention is one of the biggest challenges to overcome when s. This spa massage is the perfect solution to alleviate the effects of cellulite and the signs of bloating.

Coconut Special

- coconut oil boosts up the fat burning process in the body naturally and thereby burns the cellulite. The remedy will be enhanced with frequencies from the time waver med to speed up the positive effect of the treatment.


Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. They maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to manage pain and prevent disease.


Beauty Treatments


- enjoy a full manicure to groom hand and nails, including exfoliation, filling and shaping of nails, cuticle treatment combined with relaxing hand massage. French manicure, nails extension and scrub is available


- a therapeutic treatment for your feet that removes dead skin, softens hard skin and shapes and treats your toenails. A good foot treatment is heaven and helps you to relax.


- and other hair removal systems are available.

Facial Treatments

- relax while your skin is cleansed, toned, exfoliated and moisturized. All facials are individually tailored to your skin requirements. We offer special treatments for sensitive skin and anti wrinkle with hyaluronic acid


Golden Face Treatment with Lifting Effect

- wonderful facial with the time waver home device and Yogana Gold products to reduce wrinkles, improve skin structure

Body Wrap

can be hydrating, detoxifying or slimming The pampering experience of a body wrap can provide multiple benefits, depending on the type chosen. The best result if you combine it with a massage


Fitness and Recreation

Kundalini Yoga Classes

- Kundalini Yoga is the physical path and involves more than just the physical body. It is an awakening of the true nature that exists in all of us. Discover Yogic solutions for refreshing sleep, abundant energy and deep relaxation. Set yourself for health, success and ease in the days ahead.

Personal Training

Personal Fitness Training is for anyone who wants to achieve optimal fitness by following a custom-made exercise plan that best suits your needs, limitations, and aspirations. For the new exerciser or a seasoned athlete, Personal Fitness Training can help.


Samples for individual desgined Energetic MagicTouch Wellness


1 Health check up30 min with timewaver med

2 Massages 60 min or physiotherapy

2 Foot reflexology or 2 earcandelling

3 Yoga classes or 1 personal fitness training

2 timewaver home energy buster


Price 100 Euro


1 Health check up 60 min with time waver med

1 Nutrition advise

5 Coconut special including treated oil

3 Yoga classes or 1 personal fitness training

1 Footreflex

1 Facial


Price 200 Euro


1 Health check up 60 min with time waver med

5 Golden facial with lifting effect.

2 Aloe Vera Massage

5 Timewaver home anti aging

5 Yoga Classes or 2 personal training

2 foot reflexology

1 Manicure

1 Pedicure


Price 300 Euro


2 Health check up60 min with time waver med

1 nutrition advise

5 Golden facial with lifting effect

5 Coconut Special including oil

5 time waver home nuno nina Gold program

5 Yoga Classes or 2 personal training

2 foot reflexology

1 Manicure

1 Pedicure


Price 500 Euro